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Safety and Certifications

Security Aspects


In all product development, security is a focal point. Through our in-house product development, we take responsibility for security aspects and requirements in a unique manner. We conduct internal tests such as impact testing of products, as well as external certifications of various kinds.

On this page, we have compiled information regarding the security requirements we adhere to and the considerations that are important for customers to take into account, such as when purchasing a railing for a balcony or when it is more than 1 meter above ground level.

Certification and Safety

Grading of the railing

Certification and Safety

When you’re building your railing, the usage class (A+, A, B or C) gives an indication of where it’s suitable to use. Classes are based on current building regulations and our own product tests, and take into account your specifications regarding railing height, section width, details, etc. They’re our recommendations to help you make the right choice!


Tests and Certifications